Losing customer contacts?

Organise your communication

Staying on top of multiple methods of communication can be difficult, especially when dealing with multiple departments or customers.

TaskStack brings all your communication together and intelligently organises it into stacks.

These can be automatically assigned or escalated so you can be sure tasks are always dealt with by the right person.

Problems training staff?

TaskStack works around you

Other systems can be difficult to use or can require time consuming and expensive training just to get started.

TaskStack can be up and running within minutes with its easy to use and intuitive interface.

It intelligently adapts itself around how you work, whilst giving you the ability to configure it when you need to.

Unhappy customers?

Improve customer satisfaction

Long delays in answering enquiries hurts your reputation and costs you money.

TaskStack improves customer experience by ensuring your customers questions don’t go unanswered.

Powerful search and filtering tools make finding the information you need quick & easy.

Wasting opportunities?

Understand your customers

Understanding your customers' means you can focus on the things they care about.

TaskStack tracks feedback and provides detailed reports on customer satisfaction.

Intelligent insights provide you with the information you need to improve your customers' experience.

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